Real Estate Videography Pricing

Homes to 2000 sq.f.

$ 275

  • Video 2-3 minutes

Homes 2001 to 3000 sq.f.

$ 375

  • Video 3-5 minutes

Homes 3001 to 4000 sq.f.

$ 475

  • Video 4-6 minutes

Homes 4001 to 5000 sq.f.

$ 600

  • Video 6-8 minutes

5001 and up please contact us for a quote

Please call 760-636-2650 to obtain a quote for homes 4001 square feet and larger

Professional video using slider, tripod and panning techniques to produce high quality engaging video with music selected for your home. As an added bonus, photography stills are embedded within the video. Video includes interior/exterior of home, development entry and amenity shots (where applicable). All video is professionally retouched and edited to showcase your listing or home in its best possible light. Videos are compatible on all types of media including mobile devices.


  • Scripted audio presentation of property recorded by Red Door Pictures (script provided by agent) $50
  • Agent Audio recording (agent provides audio to Red Door Pictures) $25
  • Agent introduction Video (specific or generic) $200

Commercial Videography Pricing

Pricing for business commercials is:

$500-2500 depending on location(s) complexity and length

Professional actors, models and voice overs available by quote.