We guarantee delivery of our photographs within a 72 hour period. Most times it comes within 48. If you need it the next day there is a service charge of $40.
All of our photographs are delivered via Dropbox to the email address provided to us by our clients. You will have 6 months to download the photographs from our dropbox before they are deleted permanently. If you are having trouble with downloading from Dropbox, please watch this thorough video tutorial provided by Red Door Pictures to walk you through the process.

If you require us to mail it on a DVD or flash drive we will have to charge $5.00 for the DVD or $20 for the flash drive including tax.

Red Door Pictures is not responsible for your pictures once they are delivered. We deliver them on time and it is your responsibility to download them within the 6 month period. If your pictures have been deleted from the dropbox link please contact us and we will try to upload them again. However we do not guarantee that they will remain on our hard drives beyond the 6 month period.